Benjamin Raphael Pluke

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Benjamin Raphael Pluke M.Ost

Benjamin Pluke, son of a renowned Physical Therapist, started receiving training from the age of four, working with patients alongside his father. After an intensive apprenticeship with his Father during his teens, he attended the British School of Osteopathy, where he received a Masters degree in Osteopathy.

Benjamin Pluke is currently working throughout London as a mobile practitioner and at Wentworth in Surrey.

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Osteopathy uses hands on techniques to unlock and restore the body's natural self healing mechanisms, and is recognised by the British Medical Association.

Treatment incorporates joint articulation with muscular stretching and therapeutic massage, and enables patients to take an active role in their recovery. Where appropriate joint mobilisation is used to improve function at joints, allowing for muscles to achieve full range of motion and complete their contraction relaxation cycles.

Benjamin combines his osteopathic training with many years of practice in physical therapy which incorporates neuromuscular techniques; to offer a unique and effective treatment.

Treatment not only looks at the body in terms of muscles and joints, but Benjamin takes a keen interest in his patients, and treats each person as an individual with care and compassion.




  • Joints - When joints can move and muscles can complete their cycles, effective nutrients and oxygen can circulate, leading to recovery and unlocking the natural self-healing mechanisms present in everyone.

  • Muscles - Healthy muscles feel strong and responsive, osteopathy can help to return and maintain muscles within this state of health, allowing for swift repair and maximised strength.

  • Fascia - The layers of skin that blend with muscles, tendons, organs and bones, keep the body working smoothly together as an integrated whole. With osteopathy the layers of fascia can be supported in functioning smoothly with the body as a whole, leading to overall health.



  • Pain following injuries - Whether associated with muscle tears, joint sprains or impinged nerves. Benjamin offers a specialised treatment to help guide the body to full recovery by aiding healing through perceptive hands on treatment to surrounding areas, exercises, advice and support.

  • General pain - Our bodies endure stresses and strains at work, living life, while enjoying sports and hobbies. Benjamin can help to unravel patterns of discomfort, and target the cause of issues and work to help you become liberated from pain.

  • Prevention - Pain is not something that you simply have to accept, or expect - We do not have to resign ourselves to pain. Regular treatment eases out tension and restriction, we are more resilient, reducing the likelihood of pain, and improve rates of recovery if injury occurs.



  • Mental or physical stress can cause injury - Excessive physical stress, high intensity over a short period or a gradual build up over a long period of time, can lead to injury or discomfort. Commonly overlooked, mental stress plays a major role in health. When we are stressed not only do we take less care of our bodies, but the stress itself reduces healing, the immune system and digestion, as well as hampering our concentration and productivity. Excessive stress of any kind, physical or mental leads to ill health, injury and disease.

  • How osteopathic treatment can help with this - Benjamin works with more than just the function of the body, through therapeutic massage he can help you unwind and let go of the strains of life. Relaxation can have a profound effect on all areas of our health, from digestion to our mental state.


Benjamin provides a mobile osteopathic service, you can receive your treatment at your home or your office within London and Surrey.

  • 1 hour: £200
  • 1 hour 30 mins: £250
  • 2 hours: £300